Air Power Master (APM)is a manufacturer of fluid filtration equipments and accessories , and is also an authorized distributor of GRACO INC. and GEMU in Taiwan. Established in 1991,APM helps customers solve difficult manufacturing problems, increase productivity,improve quality and reduce costs.

Our extensive experience in this market and the support of our customers has enabled us to become one of the leading fluid filtration equipment manu- facturers in Taiwan.

Our products are used in the food processing, chemical, and petroleum industries, water purification markets and a wide variety of other industries .Cus tomer satisfaction and continuous improvements in quality and service are vital to the survival of our company in today¡¦s competitive environment. As a result of our enthusiasm and professional services, we have built an excellent relationship with our customers.

As APM is growing, we keep developing more flexible products and expanding our sales territory to meet customers¡¦ demands. Being a reputable company committed to providing complete customer satisfaction , APM will continue to


Fluid Transfer Equipment
Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
Air-Operated Piston Transfer Pumps

Fluid Filtration Equipment
Bag Filter Housings
Cartridge Filter Housings
Food Processing Filter Housings
Ceramic Candle Filter Housings
Filter Bags
Filter Cartridges